We believe that having knowledge of the financial markets is a key life skill, and we are committed to teaching everyone willing to learn. In this endeavor, your word-of-mouth plays a huge role in introducing people to our investing series.

Darrel S.

If you benefited from our course, please encourage your friends and co-workers to consider our course by suggesting they attend a free no-pressure Investing Information Session held at the beginning of each quarter to learn more and decide if this program is suitable for them.


  • As a way of saying thank you for referring us, when your friend registers for their first core class, you will each receive a one-time, Free 1-Hour of mentoring, to be used within one year.


  • A student who has taken or registered for one of our core classes


  • Share your story. See Reference article.


  • Bring a Friend

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Social Groups (Church, etc.)

  • Coworkers (don’t overlook possible tuition reimbursement from your employer)


  • Learn reliable methods to Invest or Trade based on the expertise of Market Legends

  • College level unbiased information

  • Earn Continuing Education Units

  • Some employers may provide tuition assistance

  • Create a legacy for your heirs

  • Learn-do-teach