Market Legends

Wisdom from the following Market Legends is referenced in our Investing Certificate Program (this is not an all inclusive list)

  • LA Little (NeoTA)

  • Alexander Elder (Trading for a Living)

  • Warren Buffett (Value Investor)

  • Jesse Livermore (How to Trade in Stocks)

  • William O'Neil (IBD-CANSLIM, Investing in Stocks)

  • Mark Minervini (Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard, Think and Trade Like a Champion)

  • Paul Merriman (Sound Investing for Every Stage of Life)

  • Benjamin Graham (Father of value investing)

  • Howard Marks (The Most Important Thing, Mastering the Market Cycle)

  • John C. Bogle (Vanguard Group, The Little Book of Common Sense Investing)

  • Philip Arthur Fisher (Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits)

  • Peter Lynch (Value Investing)

  • Joel Greenblatt (The little book that beats the market)

  • Mohnish Pabrai (The Dhandho Investor)